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I'm Jack McClain.

I create films with purpose.

We create films together.

Let's share your story.

Kansas City Symphony | Music Mobilized

Bringing music to the masses during Covid.

To see the full documentary film, click here.

Megh Makes Art | Commission Film

Offering one of a kind visual masterpieces.

Literacy KC | Fundraising Film

Strengthening the KC community through adult literacy programs.

Thelma's Kitchen | Signature Mission

Sharing the mission and impact of this community kitchen.

Inspiration Kitchens | Fundraising Film

A vision of redemption through food.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop | Turkey Fresco

Training a corporation one sandwich at a time.

C&C Drum Co | Cedar Gladstone

Crafting custom, world-class instruments.

Side-note: I am the proud owner of the drumset featured in this film



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