The most important part of any project is to cultivate a creative atmosphere.  We make it happen together. If you're interested in working together, contact me using the form down yonder.


Who I am


I am a mid-western guy schooled in the ways of music and film at Loyola University New Orleans and I genuinely enjoy what I do. I am based in Kansas City, Kansas and offer production throughout the United States.


I have 10+ years experience in the film production industry. I have owned an operated Circle M Films, LLC since 2016. I specialize in camera operating and also editorial and sound engineering. I "cut my teeth" by partnering with LEAP Weddings, filming 100+ weddings and building a brand that defines the industry standard. More than anything, this allowed me to learn how to work with people, make friends on the fly and to capture genuine content.


What I do

Brand films

Films which capture the face and the voice of a company.


Nonprofit films

Work intended to support community organizations in their mission.

Real Estate Films

Films created to assist in the sale of property






Audio Engineering


Music Composition


How I do it

Initial Meeting (1 hour)

I think of this as the "discovery" phase of the process. We work together to understand the scope of a project.


Planning (1 hour)

We work together to arrange a "production schedule."

Shoot day (8 hours)

We go into it with a plan and walk away with solid content. It's fun! We generally try to work in 1/2 day or full day increments.  


This is where all of our hard work on the "front-end" pays off. Projects generally feature (2) phases of revisions

once a "first-draft" has been received. 


General Timeline

Most projects can be delivered within 2-3 weeks

once filming has concluded.

How you reach me


Request an estimate or contact me directly:

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